ECM MONITORY, spol. s r.o.

Kuzmányho 57, 04001 Košice


ECM MONITOR Company Ltd. implemented in Slovakia and abroad deliveries of large quantities of equipment and devices for monitoring environmental and technological parameters in various industries:

  • continuous emission monitoring systems for large energy technology and sources of pollution and waste incinerators
  • continuous monitoring systems, chemical analysis, gas and water optimization and management processes, combustion control and prevention of the occurrence of hazardous explosive gas mixtures
  • systems for continuous quality monitoring of effluents from wastewater treatment plant and technological lines
  • systems for monitoring water quality of drinking water networks
  • warning systems for monitoring of oil and toxic substances in watercourses
  • equipment for safety and health of workers in industry
  • analyzers of gas or water
  • systems for measuring humidity of gases and bulk material
  • equipment for laser guidance technology machines
  • systems for contactless measurement of temperature, size and speed of movement of various products

In order to satisfy our customers we provide all the switching devices and equipment and provide customer service with the start of servicing in the range of 3 to 24 hours of operation as required.