For continuous measurement of concentrations of particulate matter in the gases supplied ECM analyzer operating at optical and electrodynamic (modified triboelektrickom) principle.

The optical principle is based on reflection and despair beam particulate matter. The benefit principle is that the measurement takes place throughout the pipeline profile, the disadvantage is sensitivity to the optical properties of particles.

ECM is the only company in Slovakia delivering particle analyzers working principle of electrodynamic. Unlike classical trib-electrical principle here does not evaluate the size of the charge delivered to the measuring electrode particles, but the number of particles around bypassing measuring electrodes. Electrodynamic principle does not require direct contact with particles measuring electrodes. Accuracy of measurement is not affected by mechanical pollution measuring electrodes. The main advantages of electrodynamic principle is the independence of color and optical properties of particles, a wide choice of measuring ranges from μg/m3 after g/m3, long-term stability and accuracy of measurement, maintenance-free operation.