Portable devices for monitoring the indoor environment

Protective and safety devices have the task of detecting the presence of gaseous pollutants, solid particles as well as flow, temperature and humidity. Gaseous pollutants are measured by electrochemical or infrared sensors. The solid particles are scanned by optical particle counters with a condensing stage so that particles of all fractions are captured. The air flow is measured by heat-conducting sensors.

Personal detectors and instruments for measuring aromatic hydrocarbons and other toxic gases

Compact portable one to five gas detectors and monitors, including a photoionization volatile organic compound detector, O2 measurement and toxic gas sensors. The monitors enable wireless data transmission to the control panel. The system thus enables the operational creation of a temporary network for monitoring the risky workspace in which the work takes place.

Noise and vibration analysis instruments

Noise dosimeters allow the storage of all ambient noise data at selectable intervals from 1 second to 1 hour. They are used for statistical analysis of noise exposure in the monitored environment.

Personal vibration monitors perform three-axis measurement of hand-arm and whole body exposure to vibrations caused by work tools, machines, and other sources of vibration.

Apparatus for clean and infectious spaces

Sensitive sensors designed for measuring overpressure resp. vacuum in clean and infectious spaces.