Analyzers and measuring devices supplied by ECM are used in all areas of water treatment:

  • production of drinking water
  • wastewater treatment
  • sewer systems
  • surface water
  • water in manufacturing processes
  • landfills
  • industrial water waster
  • fall water

Spectrometric analyzer of water

The direct monitoring of COD, TOC, DOC, BOD, NEL is designed spectrometric analyzer. At only 40 mm diameter, the device can be used in any application as a flow-through immersion and ingestion article as flow.

The device provides the user with significant advantages:

  • continuous measurement without sampling system
  • continuous operation without any expense to operate, chemicals and reagents
  • wide range of measurements from milligrams to grams per liter
  • for many applications, verified compliance with laboratory methods.

Continuous analysis of pollution and water quality

Colorimetry, titration and potentiometric analyzers for monitoring a wide range of pollutants in the waters of working methods equivalent to standard laboratory procedures:

• CHSK • ammonia • toxicity
• TOC • total nitrogen • heavy metals
• oil staves • nitrates • iron
• phenols • nitrites • silicates
• cyanides • phosphores • mngan
• sulphides • phosphates • hydrazine

Analyzers of water parameters

Portable and continuously probe for measuring pH, ORP, DO, conductivity, turbidity, chlorophyll, photosynthetic radiation penetration, nitrates, ammonia and chlorine.

ClO2 treatment of drinking and hot water

The device allows for significant energy savings since there is no need warm water to a temperature above 70°C to prevent growth of legionella bacteria. It also allows adjustment of water for swimming pools without unpleasant chlorine odor as well as treatment of water from wells.

Apparatus for automatic control of dosing coagulants

Apparatus used for water treatment in wastewater for potable and technological purposes.