ECM Pollution monitoring systems are supplied as:

Integrated monitoring in air-conditioned buildings, allowing for stationary and mobile operation
multikomponentné analyzers installed in the external environment, the appropriate parameters for monitoring urban air at intersections and exposed places. They are characterized by small size, low operating costs and favorable price.
Main monitored pollutants and parameters:

• SO2 • NH3 • air temperature
• NOx • VOC • atmospheric pressure
• O3 • CxHy • humidity
• CO • PAH • wind speed
• H2S • HF • wind direction

Aerosols are monitored under the TSP, PM10, PM2, 5 or PM1 Standards.

Sampling devices allow sampling for laboratory analysis of gaseous pollutants, heavy metals and other components.

Information systems collect the measured data, processing, implementing automatic control devices, data transfer, presentation, archiving, and gradient modeling. They allow integration of smog alert system.