Main categories of this instrumentation:

  • humidity, temperature and dew point converters
  • CO2 converters for air-conditioning and air-conditioning equipment
  • air velocity transducers
  • flow rate and temperature limit sensors
  • dataloggers
  • humidity calibrators.

A wide range of devices for various applications and types of environments from clean rooms to dryers for wood and ceramic materials. Multifunctional probes equipped with display of monitored quantities. ATEX-certified explosive atmospheres are available.


  • meteorology, roads, airports, air pollution stations
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • building ventilation control systems
  • industrial air dryers
  • dryers for the woodworking industry
  • kiln dryers
  • measuring the temperature of wet concrete during production
  • paint shops
  • cooling chambers
  • swimming pools, saunas
  • cowsheds, stables, poultry houses
  • galleries, museums
  • storage of food products.