ECM is a supplier of flowmeters for liquids and gases working on ultrasonic principle. Equipped with sensors is tin, which is simply to strengthen the pipeline, with no need for intervention in pipes. Flowmeters are available in portable and stationary versions.

Another benefits:

  • minimum installation costs
  • measurements independent of conductivity and pressure measured media
  • no pressure loss in pipes
  • no risk of leakage measured at the installation media
  • suitable for measuring ultra-pure media
  • no danger of corrosion caused by aggressive media
  • bargain price especially for larger diameter pipes
  • converters and in the design of the explosive atmosphere
  • measurement throughout the pipe diameter (or no score. circumferential) to ensure credibility of results.

In addition to ultrasound, we also supply flow using differential pressure measurement. They are used mainly to measure gas flow in large diameter pipes.

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